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Hey all. It’s been a while since I posted here. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve used EasyRPG lol. Anyway, I’m trying to run Yume 2kki in my browser. Using itch.io is out of the question because whenever i try to host it there it says there are too many files in my archive (which if you know the game well you’ll know that that’s understandable.) My issue is with the wiki page. I did everything it said, except for the last step. It says this:

Now open the index.html file and your default game should start. To play a different game pass ?game=folder_name to your index file.

It’s probably just me. I don’t even know what it means to “pass” something when it comes to HTML or JS or whatever this runs on. Plus, it says “to your index file” which is a bit vague. Is it my index.html file? My index.js file in my main directory or my game’s directory? I checked each file with a text editor and I don’t know where to even put “?game=yume2kki”

Anyway, thanks in advance for the help.

Welcome back @hexagonalmilo10.

That’s right. For example, if your game folder name in the games folder is called yume2kki (games/yume2kki/), then it will be example.org/path/to/your/index.html?game=yume2kki in the website URL, it’s not a parameter to add to a file, however I guess you want to add yume2kki in a itch.io iframe to make it available to play as a web game, then the URL gets relevant. I don’t know how to configure that in itch.io but I guess the URL thing will help to configure it to the iframe.

We host some testing games, and here’s a full example URL: https://easyrpg.org/play/?game=ehr

Here the index.html is omitted, because the server is usually configured to show the index.html by default when trying to access the directory containing it (and ?game=xxx is an argument (read: query string) which gets passed to the index.html page).

Oh, so I need to add it to the URL! I (sorta) understand now. So now when I open the html file and add the ?game=yume2kki and it gets stuck at the “Preparing…” screen. I can’t tell if this is because of how big the game is, or if it’s some sort of error. I’ll try a smaller game later to find out.

As also written in the Wiki just double clicking the index.html does not work. You must upload it before or use a webserver locally.

Install e.g. Python and run “python -m http.server”. Then browse to “http://localhost:8000

I see. Where is a good place to upload it? As I mentioned earlier itch.io has a limit to file size.

The farthest I’ve gotten was using GameJolt. It loaded the player, but it gave me a “game was not found” error. I feel like itch.io is probably the best choice, but again, the file size is too large. Apparently you can contact support and they’ll let you upload a larger game. Until then, I’ll try to test a smaller game.

What’s your file structure on uploaded files on GameJolt? Did you create a games/ directory and then a yume2kki directory inside with all game data and asset directories?

Your directory hierarchy should look like this:

        index.json (generated with gencache)

I don’t know the size limit on itch.io but you could convert all sounds and music from wav to opus to save a lot (over 90% in case of wav) of space by replacing them, and use low bitrates with opus, e.g. 32 kbps, even replacing mp3 (if any). There are also png and xyz recompressors to save around a 10% further in graphics (in case of bmp, they waste a lot of space, too). If the game contains files in the Movie/ directory, just drop the folder because video is expensive, movie playback is unsupported yet and won’t affect game interaction.

Yep, that file hierarchy looks about the same to what I have. In the case of itch.io, I’m pretty sure converting files won’t do anything, because the limit is on the number of files, not the size. Anyway, I’m still hunting for a hosting site. If anybody could give me a good site where I could host a game without a limit, I would be grateful