Web Player Not Moving Battle Backgrounds

I’m trying to use the web player play MOTHER: Cognitive Dissonance, which uses moving backgrounds in its battles, but the backgrounds never seem to animate and I only see a black background each time. Is the web player capable of moving backgrounds, or is there something else I need to do to get them to work?

They work in local EasyRPG Player? (They should as I implemented this :D)

If it is only broken in the web player is likely an Async error as the assets are fetched on demand.

To check this you can simply start a battle with the same background a 2nd time. 2nd time it should be displayed.

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That must be it, yep. Tried the same enemy twice and it only appears the 2nd time.

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We track this here CogDis: Battle background not shown in web player · Issue #2893 · EasyRPG/Player · GitHub

Shouldn’t be hard to fix so will likely land in the next Player release expected March/April.

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