Web Player Not Using ExFont

I’ve been trying to get the game MOTHER: Cognitive Dissonance working on a web player, but the ExFont file in the game directory does not seem to be recognized, no matter the format or anything else I’ve tried.

I’ve gencached it with the rest of the files and the soundfont I put in the directory works, but never the ExFont. I’ve tried it in .bmp and .png format, but both didn’t work.

Am I missing something or does the web player not use ExFonts correctly? Thanks!

This was recently changed when we added support for custom TTF fonts.

We must update the guide :confused:

The ExFont must be now in Font/ExFont.png (or bmp, xyz). Then rerun gencache.

(about the custom fonts: you can put a Font.ttf or Font2.ttf (or .fon for bitmap font), that depends on the system graphic setting, in Font and it will use these fonts instead of the built-in.)