What to do with Don Miguel RTP extras?

The RTP replacement project wants to replace the original RTP. Don Miguel translation added 38 files to his RTP. This is a problem because some games made use of them.

What ideas do you think about this problem?

They are not in Enterbrain (or ASCII) License for RTP use. So they are not needed. One way of getting rid of them, and not including them in the distribution, is creating a tool that adds the files directly to the specific project’s folder. Or simply letting the people know that they must get the files manually, if they should want to use the files.

Thinking more into it, I think that it’s not necessary to have everything named after Don Miguel (bad) Translation. People would choose what to do with his projects. They are extras afterall.

[quote]Before I Read the wiki: Also you forgot that he deleted a sound file named Dark6.wav/Kill6.wav or something like that. (He deleted 斬る6.wav and renamed 暗黒6.wav to Kill6.wav thus Kill6.wav was never heard until RPG Maker 2003 was released [Cut6.wav]). And deleted 壁1.wav and 壁2.wav without a reason, that must been Wall1 and Wall2 but he named 魔法1.wav and 魔法2.wav (Magic1 and Magic2) as Wall1 and Wall2.

Also renamed 一般2.png to People7.png. [/quote]

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Yep, Don Miguel made a good collection of those quirks, but they are not a problem for the RTP, because if a file misses from the RTP, the game dependency will never make errors because they never have been used.

Some files and tiles could be remapped (charas, faces, music…) with the current faces with different sprite coordinates but the real problem are the ChipSet extras. Too many tiles to remap. For example several games make use of the futuristic tilesets and they are copyrighted by the sample game authors.

Some files like babbit.avi could be ignored and drop the support because the probabilities of a game making use of it are very low. Just show standard file name Movie/Babbit.avi not found error and quit (or continue playing).
It could be better scan all file dependencies before the game starts but the loading game process can be slower, specially if the game make use of a lot of files and the file system or physical media storage is slow.

P.S.: RPG Maker 2003 RTP by RPG Advocate has some errors, too, but the translation is better, not perfect but better.

well the one suposed to export the game gor easyrpg usage is the autor of the game, so we can create a tool in witch when you import an rm proyect you select the rtp translation version. It needs a complete collection of all RTP translations in the world, but we dont have to make them all. We can simply create a macro witch replaces files changing its file name for a fixed file name for the ERPG Official RPG. then we make a tool that users can use to create his own patchs to create RTP conversion patchs.

It sound tricky, but basically, the user will be asked for a specific folder (for example, backgrond) then the toll will show a resource a time (an image, a sound, a music, whatever it is) and a list of resorces of the ERPG RTP (with the resource already selected marked, to make it simplier to not mistake) and the option of non usage if he doen¡t know or doesn`t want to use that resource. Once the user run over all the RTP translation the tool generates a file witch the procedre to convert the old RTP translation to the new ERTP.

So, when you import a file, yo may have a button listening “Import RTP Translation” and will have to select that file with the procedure, and the main folder of the RTP translation.

That files can be shared in the EasyRPG Comunity or even included with the program.

Hope my ideas help :wink: remember, i cant partipicate in the proyect personally, but will be allways helping as much as i can.

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I think that we should exclude them from the Open RTP. We can add some instructions so the users or game developers add these files to the projects.

Also, we can add a compatibility feature, for redirecting those files to original RTP ones, or add an option for the game not closing when a file is not found and keep playing without it.

What if we add a dummy file?

Who the heck is Don Miguel?

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Don Miguel (maybe) was the first translator of RPG Maker 2000 into English. His translation became the de facto standard. You can learn more about this in the documentation wiki.

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Not only to English, also Russian.
The idea about making the game not close when file is not found is better than the normal procedure of the RPG Maker, at least IMHO (In my humble opinion, as some people MAY not know what it means).
Anyway, with some exceptions of course. Normally resources are simply ignored when they’re not present. So, as someone said (or at least is very similar to what I’m going to say :3), “System32” is not found, so the game will use the “default” file instead, as system has some important graphics that, if not shown, some bugs and problems would occur. Or let’s say “chara42”, the program would put, if not found, a template’ish-like character. At least, with that in there, we could leave that “extras” implementation banned from discussion or make it later as a kinda-expansion for the RTP.

Maybe something like that? :),
Orochii Zouveleki

It may be better to give them their own folder in the RTP (like how 2000 and 2003 have different folders), specify in RPG_RT.ini whether or not the game uses them (UseExtras=1), and put it into a separate project/download to Open RTP (“Open RTP Extras”?) so that the main project’s completion doesn’t have to wait on these extras.

Don Migel Extra’s are not from original RTP, so if they are not copyrighted you should just include them into games as user definied material

They are still copyrighted by their original owners. Copyright laws don’t just apply to the byproducts of corporate entities.

Solution while most graphics are missing (including original RTP files) is with reference tables:

File details:
easy-rpg.org/wiki/development/rt … e/2000-rtp

Missing original RTP files: 壁1, 壁2, 斬る6