What's up guys!

Good day to you guys here at the easy-rpg forums! I’m CRxTRDude and I’ve been using RPG Maker on and off starting in my high school years. Game making has been a curiousity for me. I’ve been also doing some writing making a light novel called Nikki Shore, which is still a work in progress, although the first story has been published in Wattpad.

I’m also going to tell you guys that I also am a dev for OpenBOR at Chronocrash, filling in for their Android dev who I don’t know when he’ll go back. I’m not too good in programming, although I know how to read code in C, JavaScript and Java for Android and do some things, help in fixes and others.

I’m also a hobbyist artist and writer as I wrote earlier.

I’ve been interested in EasyRPG since I’ve heard about it back then, I’ve greatly been interested especially in the Android build, since this could be a good jump start for RPG making.

I would like to help on stuff for the RTP if it’s okay to do so. I hope also to be of help in things coding side, but that’s just after first basically understanding the current code first.

My expectations for the community is I hope people here are responsive, although we know that we have our own lives IRL.

I hope our journey would prosper. Again good day!

Welcome here!

The community seems much more active in the IRC (#easyrpg on Freenode), so if you want to see some discussion, feel free to join it. The questions will be answered (in fact, a bot announces all the forum posts in the IRC), but much more discussions happens in the IRC.

Also, please note that sometimes questions are answered in the IRC in several hours after they are asked, so you might want to read the IRC logs. To do so, type :log in the channel (or maybe !log, I don’t remember).


Command is :log and you can visit the archive here: easy-rpg.org/irc/log/easyrpg/
It has recors starting on 2010.
You are very Welcome.