Where do I put the games

Okay, I know I’m stupid, and probably sound like an idiot, but, I have an insigna Flex tablet, 10.1, but it runs like an android, so I thought it would work,
I’m a huge fan of Yume Nikki and a few of the fan games, so I downloaded the easy rpg player,
and please excuse my noobness, and please excuse my ignorance if the answer has been right infront of me, but I put in the rtp in the data folder I made in my easyrpg folder, then I downloaded the and placed the program for midi’s,
However am I duppose to place the WHOLE folder (rtp stuff included) into the game folder? where do I put the files??
I open the app and it says no games where found, I tried to look up the answer, but found nothing, pleasr help I’m desperate, and thank you in advance

Taken from the blogpost

[quote]What to do after installing the apk:

Place the game folders in “[sd-card]/easyrpg/games”.

For midi music you need timidity, download timidity.tar.gz from the SDL mixer page and extract it into “[sd-card]/easyrpg” (when done correctly you should have a timidity.cfg and instruments in “[sd-card]/easyrpg/timidity”)

Games depending on a RTP expect it in “[sd-card]/easyrpg/rtp/2000″ for RTP 2000 and in “2003″ for RTP 2003.[/quote]

The game folder is the one with the RPG_RT.exe in it, so for yume nikki there should be a folder called “yumenikki” (or similiar) in the games folder.