Where do the games go?

Forgive me for not knowing what I’m doing, but I am unsure where to put my game files. I am running Debian Linux and don’t know what the default directory is. Where can I find it? Sorry for such a newb question.

Thank you!

There is currently no way to set a default game directory because the setting ui is not finished yet :frowning:

The default directory is the current working directory. So you have to go to your game directory in a shell and invoke easyrpg-player. Or pass the “–project-path” command line argument to use a custom directory.

How do I do that in laymans terms? I tried opening a terminal in a folder with the 2003 RTP and Yume Nikki to test but still get “no games found in the current directory”. Alternatively, how do I use command line arguments. I’m sorry if this sound like “how do I use a computer?”, I’m just clueless about these things…

Hello! Thanks for trying out EasyRPG.

First, you need to make sure that your RTP and Yume Nikki games are uncompressed.

RTP should be unpacked. Inside the RTP folder, there should be a lot of folders like Backdrop, Battle, CharSet, ChipSet, FaceSet, GameOver, Monster, Movie, Music, Panorama, Picture, Sound, System, Title and maybe something else.

The RTP path is the path to the folder containing all those folders. So, if your RTP path is /path/to/rtp, then those folders should exist as /path/to/rtp-2003/Backdrop, /path/to/rtp-2003/Battle and so on.

You can set the RTP path in the console by using the environment variables RPG2K3_RTP_PATH (for the RPG Maker 2003 RTP) and RPG2K_RTP_PATH (for the RPG Maker 2000 RTP), like this:

export RPG2K3_RTP_PATH=/path/to/rtp-2003

If you have a packed RTP, you need to unpack it. They are packed as .exe files, so you can use wine to extract them. See the instructions on Runtime Package (RTP) [EasyRPG Wiki]

(Sorry if that is confusing! It’s because of the RTP license. We can’t ship RTP with EasyRPG. We are working on a replacement that will be easy-to-install, but it will take some time.)

The game should be unpacked. It should have contain files like MapXXXX.lmu, a file RPG_RT.ldb and most games also have folders like ChipSet, CharSet and so on. So, if your path is /path/to/yume-nikki, it should have files like /path/to/yume-nikki/RPG_RT.ldb and /path/to/yume-nikki/RPG_Map0001.lmu

If your Yume Nikki is not unpacked, you probably need to use Wine for that. If it’s packed as .zip, .rar and so on, you can usually use any archiver (except when working with non-English games; for those, see the instruction at https://wiki.easyrpg.org/unzip-games). If it’s packed as an .exe file, you need to extract it using wine.

So, open your terminal and type the following:

cd "/path/to/yume-nikki"
export RPG2K3_RTP_PATH="/path/to/rtp-2003"

But replace /path/to/yume-nikki and /path/to/rtp-2003 wiith your actual paths.

Hope that helps! If something is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask.

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