[Wii 0.6.0] [Crash] yuque - couldn't create 288x256 image

Doesn’t seem like there’s console specific sections here anymore.

This doesn’t happen on the Windows player (works fine there).

In yuque (that’s the latest version) going through door 5 always causes that error on Wii.

To get to door 5, sleep, go though top apartment door, go through the narrow passage on the right. The way through is a little lower than it would appear.


we are almost ready with releasing 0.6.1. Until it is out: Please try a continuous build, you find them at the bottom of the download page.

We improved the memory usage of assets, maybe you are lucky and the game works now :slight_smile:

It works! :grinning: You guys are wizards.

I kept seeing yuque being recommended so it’s great to know that won’t be an issue anymore.

Although later I was playing some Yume 2kki for the first time and ran into a “Couldn’t create 2493x1765 image” :see_no_evil:

Yikes that’s huge. I don’t suppose something that huge might ever be fixable on Wii?

Btw would a list of recommended yn fangames be of use to you?

Wow, because we can’t use texture compression (the systems are slow, if we add compression it will become even slower) it takes 2493*1765*4 Byte, which is 16 MB just for this one asset. Maybe someday we implement partial loading of files, but has no priority.

a list of games that work would be nice :slight_smile:
When they work on Wii they should also work on the 3DS whcih has about the same amount of memory.