"Wiiflow" can handle arguments - work as a file browser

“The program has no file browser, each game really needs its own boot.dol!”
I confess I’m unfamiliar with your software, but I saw this comment next to apost publishing your wii homebrew - and I had to offer a thought that could really improve your wii users’ experience.
Wiiflow can browse multiple titles for a “plugin” - if your wii homebrew can accept arguments, it needs no further adjustment. That means you can select a cover representing each installation, from a big array of covers called a “coverflow”. Have a look on GBAtemp - wii -backup loaders - wiiflow_lite - or google “wiiflow wiki plugins”
Have a look on youtube for a coverflow - they’re pretty impressive, i think, if you’re used to loading homebrew from the homebrew channel on the wii.
Bon Chance!

It’s not true though, at least not anymore. v0.4.0 implemented a game browser, where it will display any valid game folder placed in the same folder as the boot.dol. That aside, I don’t see the point of an actual file browser inside the UI

Apologies, I must have seen an older update.
I’m unsure of how people use this software, but this would allow users to pick from a variety of installations, or from a variety of settings files that alter the game. You’d be able to do this by selecting a cover in a coverflow. It’s quite a pretty way of browsing through collections of files, because the arrangements of covers on a 3d space are, frankly, impressive. And the covers can be customised to each title, so theres a clear pictorial or graphical aid to see what you’re launching. Conventions in Cover art can provide a visual cue between different types in a large array of titles. It’s quite sophisticated at handling arguments too. I only mentioned it as I am familiar with seeing regular updates on the wii brew website, usually with “different games need different installs” alongside. I’m currently working on a plugin pack for wiiflow for an old pc favourite, so I happen to be looking at this stuff right now. If anyone is interested, a developer or a technically minded user could post here, I’ll try to help, or join gba temp for more expert advice.

Well if you want you can add support for cover flow. I assume Coverflow launches DOLs with command line arguments. Therefore you could simply invoke EasyRPG Player via “–project-path PATH_TO_THE_GAME”, then it will load the game directly bypassing our gam ebrowser :slight_smile:

As covers you could use the Title Screen graphics in the Title/ folder of the games.

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Actually, I’ve been speaking with one if the developers who modifies existing emulators to accept arguments from wiiflow. There isn’t a focus for the interest in the possibilities, a centralised write up for the infrastructure or a repository for the homebrew written so far. So I’m going to write something for wiibrew - it’s next on a list of projects but I’ll gladly post a link when it’s done.
It would be easier, perhaps to have links to whole self contained installs, but as it appears the software accepts arguments, users could load a variety of content with varying parameters without a multitude of complete installs. I’m not entirely sure of how users use the game, but it’s entirely possible to access all the available content without ever seeing a command line. If it’s typical for users to select and down load content from a curated server via the software, that functionality could be accomodated too - again without end users ever seeing a command line.
It may be some time before I have the free time time to write and compile this document, so if that’s something you’re interested in, I encourage you to investigate further.