Wish: patch detector

To support more games, EasyRPG might need to emulate some of the RM2k[3] patches. However, before supporting some patch it could be useful to gather data about the patch usage. Were they used at all? What games use this patch? Are they popular enough?

The bad thing is, games often don’t specify which patches they use. So it could be nice to have some little utility that detects which patch(es) this particular game uses (and probably which version on RM2k[3]). E.g., a command-line utility that gets a game folder and returns text like “Engine version: RM2k v 1.5, patches: Ineluki’s key patch”.

Also, it would be nice if it could dump other data (like custom exfonts, characters used in the ‘enter hero name’, etc.).

This needs first a documented list of known patches, description, files affected or footprint, how hard is to implement, supported already, etc. Also, some game using it.
A wiki page for this looks good for starting on this.