Would the devs be interested in a free mascot for EasyRPG?

This seems like the kind of open source project that might be interested in having a mascot. Tyson Tan, the artist behind Krita’s Kiki and the new Konqi design for KDE, is offering to work for free to make mascots for any open source project that wants them. Link to the latest bit of his work:

Hey :).
Sorry. For the late response.

Thanks for this information, a really nice offer. Unfortunately I don’t think that the dev team can easily agree on how the mascot would be supposed to look like to make everybody happy. I would feel bad when Tyson invests hours in this and in the end it is not used.

About a “mascot” the closest we have is probably the EasyRPG logo (though not a real mascot) or a highly pixelated Alex: https://easyrpg.org/images/get-involved.png (the one on the right)

Understood. Just thought I’d let a few projects I follow know about Tyson’s offer.