Yume 2kki Crashes

On the android version of EasyRPG Player, Yume 2kki crashes in 2 places that I’ve noticed so far. The first is in Urotsuki’s Dream Apartments room (which has a collectible required to complete the game), and also in the Jigsaw Puzzle World’s witch room. I don’t know why this happens, and it used to work in a previous version of the player. To be clear this does NOT happen on the desktop version.

Anyway, if anyone else has encountered these issues or can help, that would be great.

Having the same issue :,(

Alright, in that case I’m going to file a bug report on Github if there isn’t one already

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This is fixed now and we will push an update to Android soon

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Thanks for fixing this. Entering the locations works now, but now some of the music isnt being played in certain worlds? I noticed this in toy world and the nature world where you get the motorcycle.