Yume 2kki's Game-Breaking Bug

Hi, I’m here to say ‘thank you’ for this excellent rpg2000/2003 emulator! So happy to play some of my favorite games on my Android phone.

I’m here to report on any bugs (most likely missing images) found in Yume 2kki. It’s a huge game, so combing through it will take some time. It’s worth the adventure, though. I had downloaded the most recent version (v0.105g) on my phone.

First of all, the most important glitch. After saving using the PC and return to the save file, the emulator froze. The music plays, but I can’t get out of the PC or move around. Because of this, I have to go to the RPG Maker 2000 on my computer and made a makeshift Save NPC to get around this glitch. Was concerned it might conflict with the Japanese translation, but it works.

Later on, I will make a list of other glitches in 2kki. Found a couple of locations where there are missing NPCs and misplaced graphics, but that will be in another post.

Have a good day! ~SES

The corrupted savegame (in case of Yume2kki: Computer screen and no input accepted) after loading the game is a random bug that happens in some games and we have no idea why.
Could you provide a working savegame shortly before the broken savegame and then describe to us what you did in the game to reach the corrupted save. Thanks!

About the misplaced graphics: Try setting the game to a different encoding in the game settings in the android game browser. Japanese should work, even for the English translation.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Was pretty busy.

For the misplaced graphics, the game’s region was set to ‘Autodetect’ encoding. I selected it to Japanese and had gotten the same result. The game will give me a message in yellow text that reads ‘Image was not found’ followed by the file name. Where the graphics should’ve been are sometimes checkerboard blocks (a blank graphic) or just nothing. The ones affected I know the top of my head are:
The piggy bank in Urotsuki’s room
The shadow biker in the highway (http://yume2kki.wikia.com/wiki/Highway)
and the items you get from the vending machines.

I made a separate savestate and saved using the computer again. When I go back to that save state, it works fine? I guess I got unlucky after saving the first time. For precaution, I’m going to keep the makeshift save event. By the way it comes off as random, I guess it’s a Switch Operation that has a random variable that doesn’t work in the emulator? I’m not a professional when coding RPG Maker games, though. I’m not 100% sure.

We have no idea how the save corruption happens. It doesn’t happen very often otherwise we would get much more reports.

Could you upload the “easyrpg_log.txt” (should be in the game folder)? It contains a list of the missing filenames.

easyrpg_log.zip (11.8 KB)
Here you go!

Could you check if you have the files CharSet/ゆきひつじch_451用 , CharSet/ゆきひつじch2 and Battle/system-自販機ジュース1 in the Yume2kki folder? (in the subfolders CharSet and Battle)

I need the following things: Save02.lsd and a description how to reach the CharSet/ゆきひつじch2 not found warning. According to the log it is quite close, only 20 seconds from load to problem.

All 3 images are in the respective folders.
I caught the missing file warning for CharSet/ゆきひつじch2 in a screenshot, along with the missing piggy bank. The piggy bank will always be in Urotsuki’s bedroom in her dream world, before going to the Nexus. The NPC, now just a grey and white block, still gives out coins, but it will have no animations or sound effects.

Here are the screenshots and the .lsd file needed. missingfiles2kki.zip (485.4 KB)