Yume Nikki Has Improper Music Managment

I first noticed this on the Android version of the game, but it seems to persist in the PC version after importing my save from the Android. (Starting a brand new save produces the same exact result)

The closest instance of this is in the Nexus upon exiting Forest World. Upon return to the Nexus, Forest World’s theme will continue to play. This is the case in a few other areas, where no music transition occurs where expected (will update as I recall/find just to list a few examples)

Any reason why this would happen, and is there a fix? It’s not unplayable, but it does take away from some of the impact that the music is meant to give.

Hi Kaviq,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Do you have a save game that can easily reproduce it? If so please upload it somewhere as it will help us fix the issue faster.

Save02.lsd (14.8 KB)

Here it is, although the issue is easily discovered even from a new game. Entering Forest World, and then exiting back into the Nexus is the fastest way I’ve been able to reproduce the issue.

I can confirm the issue, let me take a look