Yume Nikki Not Compatible

Hi everyone,
I downloaded EasyRpg for Android a while ago to play Yume Nikki, but I haven’t found a version of it that was compatible. Ib, OFF, and The Grey Garden were playable, but I don’t know what’s wrong with my version of Yume Nikki. I looked at the file structure, and it might be missing a few files that In and OFF have. Thanks in advance!

Hello Catharsis, welcome to the forums.

Yume Nikki is one of the problematic games that our current encoding detection gets wrong (we have a proposed fix, that will be included in the next release though).
Can you please try when you launch the game to press and hold (i.e. long press) on the game name in the list?
This should give you a small menu where you can set the encoding manually, please choose Japanese (Shift_JIS) there, it will be saved and should make the game playable.
However, there are some versions of Yume Nikki that have broken file names (due to wrong encoding used why unpacking/repacking the archives), we can not support them.
If you take a look into the [i]Sound[/i] folder of your version, you should see something like this: p.f4ke.de/IUOVbhmvWe.png
Otherwise you need to get a different version or extract the archive with a different tool.

Thanks for using EasyRPG Player!

The app doesn’t even recognize the game. I noticed that my version had broken file names. Maybe extracting the archive with a different tool or downloading another version will work. Thanks!