Yume Nikki on easy rpg?

Hi , where can i download a compatible version with easy rpg ? All the yume nikkis downloads i found have a executable (exe) file only , and executables files cant be runned on easy rpg , so where can i found a compatible version ?

Hi, do you want a translation or just the original Japanese version?

Hi , thanks for the help but i have found a pt-br version !
I have another problem :frowning: , how can i wake up or drop effects on nexus ? I tryed to use the GamePad + but i failed

If you are using the Android version, keys can be mapped from the menu for touch screen virtual buttons. For this version you can map the “9” key and other.
Currently, there is no way to map/customize joystick/gamepad buttons, this affects all ports. A full keyboard is needed for special keys in the meanwhile.
Note there are event issues affecting some keyboard actions on multiple games.

Oh , thanks , but where is the menu ? I only found the option to change the location of the buttons

The menu currently works with the android “menu” or properties button. We are aware some phone/tablet devices does not have this button. If you don’t have this button, please try this .apk instead (you need to allow to install .apk from third party sources in your Android developer settings):

easy-rpg.org/jenkins/job/player … tivity.apk

This apk uses the back button to display the button configuration menu instead. Please report if this works for you.

Wow , thanks , the .apk did not worked for me ( the back button didn’t showed the menu ) , but i have the properties button
You helped me very much , thanks , now i can play this fantastic game !

Hey can I have link to a version that can run on easy RPG the English version please and thank you!

Can you give me a link to that Version?

Get EasyRPG Player from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.easyrpg.player

Get Yume Nikki from http:/archive.uboachan.net/media/src/Yume_Nikki.rar

Install some app to unpack the rar file, place the game in your SD Card and follow the instructions in the EasyRPG Player.

Okay can you walk me thorough this I already downloaded that file but can’t make it run

Unfortunately, this .rar file contains a .exe installer inside, so you still need a computer to unpack the game from the Windows executable installer. The Yume Nikki translation team didn’t think this game might be played in non-Windows platforms some day.

By default, the game gets installed into C:\Games\Yume Nikki with its own installer:

Then, you need to go to that Games folder and copy the Yume Nikki folder into your Android device.

Because MTP protocol is slow, I suggest to compress the Yume Nikki folder into a rar or 7z archive (zip may be problematic with file encodings) and unpack it in the phone. This game files with bad encoding, e.g.:

Which corresponds to shift_jis to 1252 mojibake. These files should be moved with this weird name as-is, the English translator did a bad work here, unfortunately.