Yume Nikki Shaking Screen

I’m trying to get Yume Nikki (the English Uboachan version) to work on EasyRPG, but there seems to be an issue with loading saves. Whenever one is loaded, the screen will shake no matter what action is taken. Is there a fix for this?

Edit: It appears that just the one save that I played has this shaking. When I created, and then loaded a new save using EasyRPG, the error did not reoccur. Interestingly, the screen shaking persists even running the program normally in Windowed mode, so it leads me to believe that the save itself is to blame. That being said, did EasyRPG or something else cause it?

this is a known issue. Did you use the latest EasyRPG Player version? (0.6.1) When you use only the latest version it should not happen anymore but if an old savegame has it the shake continues even in newer versions.
We found one case in 0.6.0 which will result in endless shake but it is possible that other cases of savegame corruption occur which result in screen shake. We are a bit clueless here :confused:

I initially used version 6.0, but I updated to the latest version and still experienced it. The best solution I came to was to just start a new save, as the damage to the old seemed irreversible like you mentioned.