Yume Nikki suddenly not working

I’m hoping somebody will know what’s wrong and how to fix this, because I really want to play the game again.

I found this download [Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!] for a compatible version of Yume Nikki with EasyRPG. I downloaded and set it up on my chromebook and on my android, both without issue, and had fun playing them. I deleted it off of my phone temporarily to save space, but now that I’m trying to get it again, the download doesn’t work. It looks like the images are missing or something, basically making the game unplayable. (There’s also a lack of sound effects, but I don’t know how many are missing since I can’t even play.) I thought it might be my phone, but I checked the copy on my chromebook, and it’s the same issue. If anybody can help by either letting me know what to do or maybe providing a working download, that would be great. Thank you!

Please open the “FaceSet” folder and upload a screenshot of the folder content. When the file names look corrupted and not like Japanese try setting the game region in the Game Browser to “Western Europe” instead of “Japan”.

Maybe the zip is incorrectly packed? You can try the one from rmarchiv: https://rmarchiv.tk/games/1089 (0.10 (EN))

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Thanks for the response. I tried the other download you linked, but that one’s not working either. Changing the game region did nothing. I took some screenshots, maybe that will help?

Here it shows I have both of them set up properly.

This is what happens when I try to open either of them, though.

Here’s the FaceSet folder from the first download I have. If you try to open any of the images, it says “This file could not be displayed.”

Here’s the FaceSet folder from the download you linked earlier. The pictures are now functional, but the game is still broken.