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Yume 2kki is completable- all effects, wallpapers, menu themes, and kura puzzles, as well as all endings can be obtained. This may be true on Ubuntu but not on Mac, at least according to my tests. There may be problems with the music room and certain songs/sounds playing.

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Pen Pals completed on Ubuntu

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Ok thanks Ghabry for letting me know.


Echoes of Mind is Completable but is a short demonstration showing how the combat mechanics work in this game. Thought the opening them is gorgeous in my opinion.

Bye for now everyone.

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Betwixt Demo is Completable but again like the last game I did it just shows of a demonstration of the mechanics of game in general. But instead of combat it puzzles.

There is a strange issue in this game that if you die and reload from your last save your character turns invisible, the only way to fix this issue is to restart the easyrpg player again for the time being.

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White Magic Demo is unplayable. The game starts fine at 60 FPS but the when you leave the any of the two towns in this game it will drop the FPS to 25 down to 5 and even 0 Constantly and never get better. Also on the pc it a little better but still unplayable and also the boss you face is impossible if you have bad luck. It took me all day and still couldn’t beat, I some how won out of pure luck. What a mess of a game.

Bye for now everyone.

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Grimps: Squeaking of the Dead - playable until level 4 (password: bomb iceblock iceblock), when you are supposed to move away a bomb which will explode to let you pass. Unluckily, once moved it won’t explode. So no way to play the levels which include bombs, and not completable on v0.5.4.

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We are tracking this issue here, btw:


· El Legado de Maldo: Completable
Diagonal movement not supported yet, but it’s not necessary to complete the game.
· Colors 失われた記憶: Completable
Minor graphical glitches.
· Blaze of Dragons: Completable
Minor errors, like multiple attack weapons just attack once.
· Lakria Legends: Playable
Several important plugins are not supported yet.
· The Bad Guy (Demo): Completable

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Farethere City - Completable, some bugs with food consumption
Walking On A Star Unknown - Completable

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Theia the Crimson Eclipse - Unsupported, uses DynRPG