Compatibility List


Temporary Game Compatibility List

We are currently in the process to integrate wiki content into the main website. This serves as a way to add games to the official compatibility list in the meanwhile.

While most games work out of the box to a certain degree, some may need additional setup or have quirks.
Especially, custom patches that are applied to the interpreter (RPG_RT.exe) itself, are mostly unsupported.
This list is by no means complete, but merely lists games that have been tried by the EasyRPG developers and users.

  • When a game is marked as completable means somebody played it with Player and was able to complete it with it.

  • When a game is marked as playable means somebody played it with Player but maybe didn’t finish it yet, though it might be completable, it is just unconfirmed.



  • AE Completable
  • Aedemphia Playable
  • Ahriman’s Prophecy Playable
  • ALEX/JENQ: Fairy Forest Completable
  • Alex Unleashed - Short Playable
  • Ara Fell Playable


  • Blue Memories Completable
  • Blue Skies Playable
  • Boy Ichiro’s Modesty Completable
  • BĂĽcher Luzifers, die Playable
  • BĂĽcher Luzifers 2, die Playable
  • Buried Barry: Playable, uses custom “Enter Hero Name” scene for a password input.


  • Calm Falls Completable
  • Chain of Retribution Playable
  • Clock of Atonement, the Completable


  • Dark Quest Completable
  • Deep 8 Playable
  • Desert Nightmare Playable
  • Dhux’s Scar Playable
  • Die Reise ins All Playable
  • Doraemon: Nobita’s Resident Evil 2 Playable
  • Dragonball Z: Legend of Z Playable
  • Dungeoneer: A Beautiful Escape Playable


  • Earth Birth Playable
  • Echoes of the Past Playable
  • El Dorado (1 & 2) Playable
  • Eling First Dimension Playable
  • Embric of Wulfhammer’s Castle Completable
  • End Roll Completable, visual issues
  • Engalia - The Wager Completable


  • .flow Completable
  • Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy Playable
  • Fleshchild Completable


  • Gate into Eternity, a Playable
  • Gray Garden, the Completable, uses custom EXFONT (bug #605)


  • Heaven and Hell Episode 3 Playable, battle issues
  • Heroes Realm Playable
  • HOME Playable, uses a custom menu during startup that is unsupported
  • Huntress of the Hollow, the Completable


  • Ib Completable


  • Jasei no in - The Serpent’s Lust Completable
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure - the 7th Stand User Playable, SHIFT key does not work (bug #997)


  • Last Quest IV Playable
  • Laxius Power 1&2 Playable
  • LCD DEM Completable
  • Love Is Dead Playable


  • Mimicry Man Playable
  • Moby Housekeeper Playable
  • Monigote Fantasy Playable
  • Mondschein Playable, needs special RTP files
  • Moon tree Playable
  • Mother Cognitive Dissonance Playable
  • Mystic Star Playable


  • OFF Completable
  • Ollimio Demo Completable
  • Oneshot Not supported, game controls the runtime externally (fork available).


  • Peuteris Grey Playable, issues while moving
  • Pen Pals Completable
  • Pom Get’s WiFi Completable, battle glitches (issue #821)
  • Project Rose Playable


  • Razas Playable
  • Resident Evil - It Is Escape Playable
  • Rosy Despair Playable


  • Sacred Tears TRUE (Prologue) Playable
  • Seraphic Blue Playable
  • Space Funeral Completable, graphical glitches
  • Standstill Girl Playable
  • Steel Spirit SaGa Playable
  • Sternenkindsaga Playable
  • Super Columbine Massacre RPG! Playable
  • Super Mario RPG The Seven Sages Playable, visual issues


  • Unterwegs in DĂĽsterburg Completable


  • Vampires Dawn 1 Completable, battle glitches
  • Vampires Dawn 2 Playable, battle glitches
  • Velsarbor Playable, needs special RTP files
  • Violated Heroine, Playable


  • Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea Completable, uses custom EXFONT
  • Wannabe Smash Bros. Playable
  • Witch’s Heart Playable
  • Win’ Wind’ Windy Playable
  • Wolfenhain Playable, visual issues


  • Yume 2kki Completable
  • Yume Nikki Completable

Does anyone know where a database of EasyRPG-compatible games maybe, if there is one?


Buried Barry: Playable, not completable because the original binary was hacked to add Chinese characters for the name input


Gray garden:completable,
Its a great game by the way


End Roll is completable. However it has several visual issues and two (there may be more) major instances where the game can crash forcibly


Engalia - The Wager: Completable but it crashed a few times for me while I, was trying to save the game beat it.
Ollimio Demo: Completable is a great game for a couple minutes it battle system remains me of Eathbound or Mother Series which a good plus.
Jasei no in - The Serpent’s Lust: Completable, a shot, linear game with a strong narrative. It a great game by way if your interested in these games.

these other games are Playable but not completable because they crashed so often during the end of the game or in the middle of it.
Resident Evil - It Is Escape
Love Is Dead
Moon tree (which is quite short by way)
Project Rose
and that it for now, I will come back here later and put more games that are either completable or playable.

Bye for now everyone.


Thanks for this list!

This generates extra work but: Could you sum up for each game that fails where it fails and attach a savegame that is close to the problem? Otherwise we won’t be able to fix them.


but it going to take a while to get back to those parts I was on. But you for guy’s sure.

Resident Evil - It Is Escape it crashes during the helicopter sequence if that help’s.

Project Rose it Crashes as soon as you start the game but that my experience with easyrpg.
it may just be me though. same goes with this game.

Steel Spirit SaGa also Crashes as soon as you start the game. Even with the RTP Files.

Also how do you attach a savegame, am asking because I do not know

oh and one more thing here is another game I want to add to this list.

Blue Memories: Completable, no problems at all during this short game besides a few graphical glitches.

Bye for now Ghabry.


Forget what I said Ghabry, I was using the wrong build of EasyRPG, all those Playable games are Completable now my Bad, sorry if sent you and the community on a wild goose chase.

Expect Project Rose and Steel Spirit SaGa who still Crashed as soon as you start the game.


Don’t worry. Thanks for the update. We will check Spirat SaGa and Project Rose :).


Dark Quest: Completable, this rpg has two endings and also limited amount of potions so it has a survival kind of gameplay.

Bye For now everyone.


On which platform do you try to play Project Rose and Steel Spirit? I can’t get them to crash on Windows in the Player.
Though I get stuck in Project Rose after reaching the overworld/the island. But have the same problem in RPG_RT o.O


LCD DEM: completable.

I haven’t gotten all of the effects, but you can’t unlock any extra endings for that, you just need to find the 12 Orbs scattered around her dream world and get the 13th Orb once that appears in the Nexus.


.flow: Completable

I have gotten both of the endings I know of in the game.


Fleshchild: Completable

There’s no ending (the game was cancelled), but it’s still Completable in its current state


The Wii Platform, Ghabry I tried Drak Quest and as soon as you enter a battle the game Crashes on Wii, also Project Rose is Cancelled so that maybe the reason you get stuck there. Also when I test these games the first Platform I tried is the Wii not Windows if you wandering. also i am using the lasted Version of easyrpg. on the Wii.


Ah okay the Wii version of EasyRPG will crash for some games due to issues with the memory usage. This isn’t really fixable :confused:


Since the list also features some German games (like “Unterwegs in Düsterburg”) I would like to add some information about some games from RealTroll (, he made some very prominent German games).

RealTroll reviewed his own games in terms of compatibility with EasyRPG:
(Please note that he did not use the distinction between playable/completable, but I assume that all games he regards as playable are completable as well).

  • “Captain America gegen die Nazimutantenbestien von Andromeda”: not playable on mobile
  • “Die Reise ins All” (great game!): playable
  • “El Dorado”: playable
  • “El Dorado 2”: not playable on mobile
  • “Endzeit, Folge 1”: not playable
  • “Moloch City”: not playable
  • “Piratenweinacht”: display issues
  • “Wolfenhain” (great game!): display issues. But(!) maybe this will change in the future.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure - the 7th Stand User might be uncompletable due to the lack of SHIFT. While you can access the Radio through the inventory, you’ll be required to use SHIFT as part of a minigame. A possible workaround for this is to make sure that Joseph is high level so he can fight Mariah and skip the minigame. Make sure to grind lots of levels in Edfu since you won’t get any chance to do so after you leave. Aim for something around level 40. 32 isn’t enough.


Yumu Nikki Completable, Minor Sound bugs.
Oneshot Not Supported, broken if hacked, game controls the runtime externally (fork avalible).

The fork for OneShot was moved to a new site.


The 7th stand user is Completable. Do note a few things:

Joseph needs to be ready to go against Mariah in Luxor. Make sure that he’s leveled enough for it (35 should do with a few boosters). Always have a save in Edfu just in case you need to go back and grind more.

There are some graphical glitches in the game, but nothing too bad. Most notable thing is Kakyoin’s combat animation that seem choppy compared to the rest. But the game is 100% compleatable so have fun.


I can also confirm that all three endings of .flow are Completable.
Only issue I had on Android was frame skipping with a couple effects.