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I’m back to play the best type of RPGs!The ones made with RPGMaker (2000/2003)!

Lately I played:

Wadanohara and the great blue sea:another really cool game made by the author of The Gray Garden
The Maid of Fairewell Heights:short but really fun (and funny) puzzle game about a maid and her quest to clean an apartment complex
You and I:short but nice game about two very different heroes that have a common goal

But are this games complete, playable and completable?

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Star Enforcers in the Alien Cafe: is pretty much the result of many projects that that the creator never finished being merged together into one game. Unfortunately is Uncompleted Because the 4th puzzle crashes the game every single time.

Bye for now everyone.

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Thank you @Supersonic73582, could you attach a savegame near the crashing place puzzle to analyze it?

I wished I could attach a saved game but the game can not save on The 4th puzzle so you’re on own with that one. But it should not take you to long to get the 4th puzzle. I even tried playing game on my computer and it crashed at the very beginning.

You see when I play games I tried multiple platforms that have EasyRPG Application like PS Vita,WII and PC in that order, I do get some mix results though so it may be different on your end.

Bye for now everyone.

Tobira no densetsu is playable tho it needs japanese rtp files

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Is there an updated list? I wanted to play Pilgrim’s Road and Theia. Theia was a no go, unfortunately.

Looks like exile’s journey does not work. Unsupported sound files. Too bad, frame rate was 60 consistently.

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Very Retrouvaille, Ghost Party and Lavender – all three are completable
Not sure about Paranormal Syndrome, once I tried playing it but deleted the game before reaching the finale, so at least it’s playable, “completable” state still can’t be ruled out

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I think the person listing Ib as completeable left out some information. I tried to play Ib but it crashes whenever mary pushes Ib and Gary into the toybox towards the end.

Thanks for the report @Epicuris . Because we get mixed results, we’d appreciate further details on this:

  • Ib version and translation (if any) version.
  • Platform where it crashes (Android, Windows, Linux, specific console, etc.)
  • If possible, please attach a savegame near the crash, as it might depend on specific game data (or even savegame related).

Ib Version: 1.0.7 Translation English release
Platform Opendingux (a variant of linux)
save unavalible ATM will extract it at a later time and upload it.

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This is likely a regression. When I played through IB some years back, I finished it without problems.


Here i send my game:

Title: Legend od Heroen
Version: Demo 5.03
Download: LoH D.V… 5.03
Demo completable
Languages: English and Spanish

It has around 1h of gameplay, hope it helps.

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I recently played Seekers of the Sun (demo), Crossbone (demo) and the French translation of Velsarbor (demo 1). The only one I couldn’t complete is Crossbone but I am not sure it was an error of the player or the game… (first battle on Chapter 2, there is a foe that it is supposed to receive damage from just one of the characters but it doesn’t… so you can never finish the battle). All of them played with the Android Player

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Does anyone have the links for the completable games? I’d love it if someone has the one to yume2kki, I’m playing on my browser but idk how to actually access the games. Some of them work if I just paste the link on my browser, like Ib for example.


Hi @taniasmu, most RPG Maker 2000/2003 games should be completable nowadays (otherwise it is a bug) except those games using patched executables with incompatible features (e.g.: OneShot), so now we would need be the inverse, creating an incompatible game list instead will make more sense.

Regarding games playable from the web browser, games hosted on the easyrpg .org domain are just for internal testing because we should ask for permission for authors to host them. Unless you are using an incompatible device, e.g. iPhone/iPad where the Store license don’t allow software like EasyRPG Player (just for individual games distributed separately), it is recommended to use a native port version (Windows, Android, macOS, etc.) of the Player instead.

I played pokemon eevee edition on easyrpg for android and i completed it with no issues. Its also very good game.

This game uses DynRPG too for a lot of things and has issues while playing on EasyRPG (e.g. in battle, the command Escape is not there and instead you have a command Skip that does nothing), so it is not 100% complete but it is possible that the game could be completable.

Witch’s Heart is completable. Haven’t experienced any issues or limited gameplay!

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Dreamland R Final Mix runs well but cannot be finished/really played due to the following keyboard buttons not available in easyrpg: “S”, “A”, “F” and “D”.