Does anyone know where a database of EasyRPG-compatible games maybe, if there is one?

I was just wondering, since I’m a lazy boy and don’t feel like seeing up my own RTPs, if anyone’s tried taking on this task.

If no one has, then I’ll just start doing it, maybe.

Hello tif,

there is a pinned forum topic with a (currently small) list: Compatibility List

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Thank you.

I was looking for a place I find downloads for the compatible games (bc I’m THAT lazy) but a list is good enough for me.

Im really sorry if I seemed like a jerk or idiot with this forum question, I’m just bad with wording. I’m also probably a jerk I don’t know.

About game downloads: theoretically, all RPG Maker 2000/2003 games without unsupported patches (modified executable) should work. There is a list of game sites with downloads in the RPG Maker 2000 Preservation project topic.

Getting a list of unsupported games due to patches needs some search, but if I recall correctly there was some research for some of them. To sum up, most games should work except those with mentioned patches, except OneShot and some games relying on bugs or unimplemented features in Player. For these later cases, bug reports are welcome.