Wii Build: Test reports

Hi folks

I testing build 410 this morning.
Games are El Dorado, Unterwegs in Düsterburg and Vamires Dawn

The FPS on small maps are great. Very smooth 60 FPS
In bigger maps with more NPC and weather effects min. 23 max 26

Since 410 i cant hear any bgm. i dont touch my folder structure :slight_smile:
Vampires Dawn start with sound “buffer” Crash

thanks for your work. I love to play RPG Maker Games on TV :slight_smile:

I currently do not know what happened here, is the problem only with music or also with sound files?
I need to check this and provide a fix soon.

I currently do not know what happened here, is the problem only with music or also with sound files?
I need to check this and provide a fix soon.[/quote]

oh sorry. Only the BGM dont work. Sound files are ok. I see the new build release (411). I test this soon…

Build 410 have the same problem

I test Build 422

El Dorado = music and Game works fine
Unterwegs in Duesterburg: music works, but i can not see anything (blackscreen)
Vampires Dawn: Music crash and i can not see anything (blackscreen)

Good news @Klauserus

We are currently working on a 3DS port and we are improving the performance for it. We already got a 25% speed increase and it will be probably even more and all other versions will get the speedup automatically. :smiley: (this includes the startup performance)

[quote=“Ghabry”]Good news @Klauserus

We are currently working on a 3DS port and we are improving the performance for it. We already got a 25% speed increase and it will be probably even more and all other versions will get the speedup automatically. :smiley: (this includes the startup performance)[/quote]

Nice ! I am very happy about the news and the new bugfix release, too. It precedes. I find that leave. I think about the forwarder. Will it be on the site for download?


The latest continious build improves the performance “a bit” (+33%).
Also the startup time got “slightly” improved (+infinity%)

Got it, I’ll test it and post the results tomorrow

Sorry for delaying, ran out of time yesterday. Here:

EasyRPG Player Test - Wii Port (04/05/16)

Tested Games:

  • .Flow v0.192

  • Ib v1.07

  • Makoto Mobius

  • OFF v2.0

  • Paranormal Syndrome 1 & 2

  • Standstill Girl

  • The Gray Garden

  • The Dark Side of the Red Riding Hood

  • Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

  • Yanderella

  • .Flow: Unplayable. Reaches 60 fps as average framerate. Most of the options in the pause menu are missing, making the game unplayable. See several posts below for details.

  • Ib: Almost fully playable. Reaches 60 fps as average framerate. The only detail to mention is that the framerate drops while transitions between maps and when loading images. Thus, this applies to dialogues too, but it’s not that concernable since it’s not that noticeable, nor significant.

  • Makoto Mobius/Dark Side of RRH: Both fully playable. Both reach 60 fps without further problems (some bgm doesn’t play although it’s in .wav).

  • OFF: Almost fully playable. Reaches 60 fps as average framerate. Battle animations decrease fps drastically. Gotta mention a detail (I called it the instant frame dropper :P) in one map. This is something to correct both in the game and EasyRPG, though. There is a zone with pushable events which has the issue that when pushing one of this events against another the pushed event repeats its script every frame (makes the pushing sfx applied to it replay indefinitely and tremendously fast until one stops pressing the corresponding direction input too). Doing this on the Wii port (doesn’t happen in PC, didn’t test in Android or other ports) drops the framerate to 0-1 fps… fortunately it returns to normal if one stops pushing, but it’s something worth mentioning (it may happen with similar situations in another games).

-Paranormal Syndrome 1 and 2: Both unplayable in english or japanese. Both reach 60 fps as average framerate, but due to the good ol’ japanese named files issue there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t displayed on screen(this is far more severe than .Flow, it affects character sprite sheets, several items and of course, text).
Hooowever, I said in english or japanese. Why? Because both games were translated to spanish and both of these have the filenames translated, so EasyRPG recognises them :slight_smile: (I actually thanked the translator for this, she sent her greetings). These spanish translations, as far as I tested them, are almost fully playable, being PS2 a bit less playable than PS1 (actually I haven’t tested PS1’s translation, but I can assume that it works too). That’s because on PS2 the gun mechanics drop the framerate every time that one tries to shoot. And although besides that I managed to beat the final boss, gotta mention that this fight also has mechanics that drop the framerate (can’t say that much without making spoiler…).

  • Standstill Girl: Almost fully playable (maybe the most playable of all tested games…). Reaches 60 fps as average framerate. As in OFF, battle animations drop the framerate, but fortunately it’s not that severe. The background in boss battles doesn’t loop properly (It looks like if the camera teleported to a starting point from which it scrolls along a line and when reaching the end it teleports back and repeats the process).

  • The Gray Garden/Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea: Both are playable and reach 60 fps as average framerate, being TGG a little more playable than WATGBS. Same issue as OFF/St. Girl, battle animations drop framerate, and in WATGBS made the player crash. The error said that the player couldn’t handle an image that was 480x480 or something like that (forgot to take a photo and didn’t remember it that well, sorry about that xS). Guarding in battle doesn’t work (if I’m not wrong it wasn’t implemented yet, was it?).

  • Yanderella: Almost fully playable. Reaches 60 fps as average framerate. Nothing worth mentioning about this one, but the fact that it’s not worth playing it without music, and the game has all the bgm in .mp3 format…

Final comments: the browser loads pretty fast, same thing with the games.
I have a suggestion for this port: if possible, I suggest to map the Shift Key to one of the wiimote buttons. People without a nunchuck or a CCP is unable to use it. If not, I guess you could implement a custom input setting instead. Dunno, just suggesting, hope you take it in mind.
Related to that, I’ve found a problem when switching controllers. If you unplug a CCP while the player is open, the D-pad on the wiimote won’t work properly (this doesn’t happen backwards). Dunno the reason, nor tested it in-game, but it happens.
Anyway, in general, gotta say that everything improved compared to previous releases, plus now midi music plays :smiley: (I wonder how you managed to implement the Android midi instruments database…). I ended really amazed with this build. Awesome work! Keep it up :slight_smile:
As always, ask me if you want more details

P.S.: I’m looking forward to record a video testing a game with the port. Tell me too if you want me to test one in particular

Hey, that is really great news!

One thing to mention, though: The wii port currently has no encoding autodetection (Ghabry worked on this for the 3ds, so I am pretty sure we can get ICU to work on Wii too)…
That said, you have to tell the Player that the games’ encoding is japanese.

Can you please try applying this change to the RPG_RT.ini file of the Games where you had problems?
Add this section after the main one:


(from easy-rpg.org/wiki/user/player/special-features)

This should make them work.

Thanks for your extensive testing!

Thanks for your long bug report. I will write a longer reply later.

Just a quick note: The Midi support was not ported from Android, we just use the same library. There will be major improvments to the audio system soon. This should solve MP3 and MIDI (placing 16 MB of stuff somewhere) problems on the Wii. Better WAV support has lower priority but will also come someday :).
Mapping SHIFT to the wiimote is possible. Not sure about the numpad for RPG2k3 yet, maybe some on-screen display with wiimote gestures g

The EasyRPG implementation is quite matured now concerning game compatibility (yeah!), that’s why we can focus now on polishing non-gameplay related problems (love for ports, performance, audio system) :slight_smile:

Added the flags to the games that might need it. Paranormal Syndrome seems to be fully playable, it still reaches 60 fps as average framerate. However, still even having the flag, there are some textures that are missing. As far as I could see, these are the door textures (dunno if the game uses them from the jap. RPG2k RTP or not).
On the other side, .Flow seems to be unplayable, however I need to do some more tests so I’ll talk about this game in another post. I would’ve done them today… but… I have WinXP on this pc (yeah, the XP dropping hurt here…) and some of the tests involve comparing both the wii port and the pc port.
Meanwhile, I discovered something weird: midi music plays only if I have a USB storage device connected in one of the ports (had a usb keyboard connected, it didn’t play, I guess it must be a file storage one). No matter which device is (tried both a 1 TB external hard disk drive I use for the wii and a 16 GB pendrive, works with both) or the port I connect the device in, midi music just won’t play if I don’t have any usb storage device connected

Sorry for double posting

Managed to test .Flow properly.
Indeed, it’s unplayable. The pause menu only allows you to quit the game. It doesn’t let you do anything else, and since you need the menu to change stuff in the main character (e.g. waking up and putting effects, some of them are necessary to surpass certain parts of the game), this causes a lot of issues. Gotta mention, however, this also happens with the PC version (it might happen with al of the ports as well). May it have something to do with the fact that the text displayed is changed? e.g. it says “Effects” instead of Items, “Me” instead of “Equip” and a dot instead of “Save”, besides being banned during the game.
Anyway, the point is that the game can’t be played properly without using the options that are missing. Used v0.192 of the game

P.S. Nice UI changing, liked it :slight_smile:

That’s a known .flow problem.

It was saved using a RPG Maker 2003 editor, because of this the Player runs it in RPG 2k3 engine mode but this is a 2000 game :frowning:
And the Wii version does not allow overwriting the engine.

You can try saving .flow once in a 2000 editor, but not sure if this will reset that flag.


Thx for the good news and sorry i am buy today and can´t test.
I testing yesterday v410. Its awesome! It boot very fast on wii and the framerate is 34 min.
Three Games i boot. I have only one time a graphic bug, but i cant rebuild that think.
Vampires Dawn have couple of sound bugs, so what.
I think the player makes a huge step forward.
Later i can test the 3ds Version, too

thanks for that gooood job. now its a very good game feeling with the actually status of build

The next upcoming release of the Player will have proper MP3 support on ALL platforms. This includes the Wii. You can also delete the timidity folder, in that case it will fallback to a new built-in Midi player (which sounds a bit different to timidity) :).
I’m currently listening to MP3s in the Dolphin emulator.

Timw for Yanderella :wink:


If you want to test it already: easy-rpg.org/jenkins/view/Pull% … wii-pr.zip

I will also map Shift to a different button soon.

Downloading… I’ll post results later

Edit: youtube.com/watch?v=DSZUlqCVlps

Well, after doing some workaround I found out I can livestream the Wii screen on Twitch. Would you like me to make an EasyRPG livetest when 0.4.2 comes out?

Sorry I completely missed that edit because the Forum doesn’t Report them :frowning:

0.4.2 will come out in ca. 1-2 weeks. A live test sounds nice :).
Though there will be probably not many gameplay related fixes anymore. THe only planned fix is mapping SHIFT on the wiimote. All other fixes we are currently working on are mostly battle System related.

Breaks the ice Did something happen?